Your new salty sweet summertime favorite! Sauteed peaches and halloumi tossed with a balsamic maple sauce then wrapped up in a crisp lettuce leaf. Simple, flavorful and so fresh. You are going to absolutely love these!


2t olive oil
1-8oz package halloumi, cubed
2 peaches, cubed
Pinch chili flakes
Pinch thyme
2T balsamic vinegar
1T maple syrup


Fry halloumi cubes on both sides in olive oil on medium-med-high heat. Remove to a paper towel (like you would bacon) and set aside. Reduce heat to medium then dump the peaches in the pan with just a little pinch of salt. Cook for about a minute then sprinkle in chili flakes and thyme, toss then cook another minute. Pour in the balsamic and maple, stir around a little then add the halloumi back in and stir to coat. Remove from heat. Serve hot, warm, room temp or cold with a pile of big lettuce leaves.


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