All the rich, creaminess of your favorite Carbonara but made with some white beans and peas for fiber and a little extra protein and luscious, homemade spinach pasta to up your greens intake. Social isolation is the perfect time to give pasta making a try. Its like arts and crafts that you can eat at the end! And making it bright, spring green with the spinach is just fun.



Pasta: – or just buy some!
2 big handfuls of spinach
2 eggs
1 1/2c flour (plus 1/2c for rolling out)

3 slices of bacon
3 eggs
1/3c parmesan
1/2-1t black pepper

1/3c cooked green peas
1/3c cooked white beans – make your own here


Put spinach and 2 eggs in a food processor or blender, process until smooth or close to. Add flour and pulse until almost completely combined (if using a blender, make a well in the middle of a pile of the flour and pour the mixture in the well and mix then knead). Form into a disk, wrap in plastic/whatever you use and refrigerate for 1+ hr. Cut disk into 4. Take 1 section at a time, flour HEAVILY and smush/roll out to about 1/4-1/3in, then start rolling on the widest setting on your pasta maker (it can be done with rolling pin but it ain’t easy). I like to fold it into thirds, smush again and run it through the widest setting again before I start reducing the width. I reduce about 4 settings, so I run it through the pasta maker about 5 times and that gets me to the thickness that I want. Every pasta maker is a little different, so get it where you want your pasta while remembering that it will get a little thicker when it boils. Don’t forget to keep the dough well floured so it doesn’t get too sticky for the machine. Cut into 3/4-1in strips with a knife or pizza cutter. Place into boiling, salted water for 2-3 minutes, stir.

Reserve a little pasta water in a spare glass.

Throughly whisk 3 eggs, add parmesan and black pepper, set aside. Cook bacon, chop and reserve 2T of the fat. Pour HOT fat into a large glass or metal bowl and toss with the pasta. Pour 2-3T of spare pasta water and egg mixture into the pasta and toss quickly. The heat of the fat and pasta will cook the eggs making a thick and creamy sauce. If your sauce doesn’t come together (maybe things weren’t warm enough) put the bowl over boiling water and double boil until the sauce thickens, stir consistently. Add chopped bacon, peas and beans, toss.


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