The anticipation of this gooey egg yolk is killing me…

I only started eating eggs for breakfast 6 or 7 years ago.  The beginning was a struggle and the only way I could get them down was to make them taste like Cheese Pizza.  It worked like a charm but it was literally 3/4 cheese 1/4 eggs.  Not proud.  My egg taste tolerance has grown immensely since and while I still can’t stomach a true fried egg, I absolutely love a basted egg which is almost the same thing and it cooks in about 1 minute!


1 slice bread (I used sourdough)
1-2T cream cheese
1/4c white beans, mashed together
1c arugula
1 egg


Start toasting your bread first.  Mash white beans with a fork.  Heat nonstick pan to med-high.  Add a very small amount of butter or oil in the pan then crack your egg into the middle of the pan.  Pour 1T of water in the pan next to the egg then cover with a lid.  Wait about 30 seconds then check for doneness (your preference).  While you wait, spread cream cheese on toast then your bean mash, arugula (throw a couple of dashes of wine vinegar to bump it up a bit).  Top with your egg. 


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