These crunchy cheesy bites are the ultimate appetizer snack that everyone will love. Flakey layers of butter and cheddar with just a touch of fancy sea salt to finish them off. Seriously addictive!


1 1/2c pastry or all-purpose flour
1/2c whole wheat flour (sub all-purpose)
1/2t salt
8oz/2c cheddar cheese, shredded
6T butter, cubed
6-8T ice water

1 egg, whisked
1T water
Flakey sea salt


Put flours, salt, cheese and butter in a food processor. Pulse 5-10 times until everything is mixed up and the butter is chopped up into small pieces. Add ice water then pulse until you can grab a bit and it sticks together forming a clump add a little more water if it needs it. Dump it all out, form disk, wrap in plastic and put it in the fridge for an hour or overnight.

Preheat oven to 450°F. 

Roll out the dough to about 1/4in and cut out 1-2″ shapes and spread them out about an inch apart on a parchment lined baking sheet. Stir together the egg and water, brush the tops of each with egg wash then sprinkle with a little salt. Bake for 5-10 minutes depending on size.


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