A creamy garlic-thyme gravy with chicken + mushrooms.  Breakfast gravy is a total mood for me.  Its warm, cozy + so delicious.  Whether you’re pouring it over fluffy biscuits or roasted potatoes this gravy is one of my favorite things on the brunch table!  My version is so much cleaner + even has an easy substitute for the gluten free’ers out there.  You are gonna love it!

INGREDIENTS – serves 2-3

2T + 1T olive oil/butter
1 1/2c mushrooms, chopped (I used some shitake + crimini)
1 garlic clove, minced
1t fresh thyme or 1/4t dried
1/4lb ground chicken or turkey – optional
1/8t salt
1/8t pepper
1T flour (sub 2t arrowroot powder)
1 1/4c milk of choice (nothing sweetened though)


Bring a skillet to med-high heat. Pour 2T olive oil + mushrooms in to the pan and saute 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add garlic + thyme, cook for 30 seconds then add the chicken. Sprinkle with salt + pepper then cook until the chicken is cooked through. Add the remaining olive oil/butter then distribute the flour over the top, stir to coat + cook the flour a bit, about 30 seconds. Slowly pour in the milk stirring constantly, once incorporated without any flour chunks (use a whisk if you need to) bring to a simmer for about 5 minutes until its as thick as you desire.


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