A meatball sub that comes together in less than 30 minutes, you’ll only dirty one dish and without all the work (AND MESS) making balls!

It also made for the perfect at home date night with a bottle of red wine 🙂


2T olive oil
1/2 onion, chopped
6 mushrooms, chopped (I used crimini or baby bellas)
1/4lb ground meat of choice (I used turkey)
1/4t thyme
1/2t garlic powder
1 can of tomatoes (I used diced fire roasted)
1 1/2c shredded kale or massive handful of spinach
1/2t oregano
Dash of cayenne or red pepper flakes – optional
3/4c shredded cheese (fontina, provolone, something italianish)
1/3c diced fresh mozzarella – optional
Pesto – optional

Bread of choice (I used sourdough)


Saute onion + mushrooms with some olive oil, salt + pepper, 2-3 minutes. Add turkey, thyme + garlic powder with a small sprinkle of salt + pepper. Cook until the turkey is just about done, about 3-5 minutes. Pour in tomatoes, kale, oregano + cayenne. Stir then simmer until liquid is reduced. Turn off the heat and turn on your broiler. Dot the fresh mozzarella in the mixture then top with the shredded cheese. Broil for 2-5 minutes until the top is bubbly, golden brown. Drizzle pesto on the top and serve with some sliced bread.

I use a cast iron pan for this recipe so that I only have to clean one pan and it can easily and safely cook on the stove then go directly into the oven. If you don’t have something you can do this with, cook in a pan then transfer to a safe baking dish.


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