A childhood favorite, ants on a log, but fancied up for the holidays! Your favorite nut or seed butter (I used pepita!), some tangy-sweet dried cranberries, celery and a few chocolate chips is all you need for a low carb, delicious, fiber-filled, festive treat!


Celery stalks
Nut or seed butter (for green try pepita, hemp or pistachio) – pepita butter recipe below
Dried cranberries (sub raisins but I like the red color)
Chocolate chips
Sea salt – optional


Lay 2 celery stalks on a board, hollow side up. Cross the tops just a bit at about a 45’angle then cut down the middle of the cross, cutting both stalks. They should line up when you push the two cut pieces together and make the top of your 1st tree. Now, flip the stalks over so the hollow part is facing the board and cross the tops again but about 2-3″ down the stalks, cut down the middle again and those should make your first layer of the tree. Repeat, making 2-3 layers per tree. Trim remaining end bits to make a tree trunk.

Fill each celery cavity with nut butter then assemble into trees and decorate with dried cranberries and chocolate chips. Sprinkle with a little flakey sea salt if you’d like and serve.



1 1/2c pepitas
3T neutral oil (I use grapeseed)
Pinch of salt


Add pepitas, oil and salt to a food processor and let it grind for about 10 minutes, scraping down the sides occasionally.

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