Inspired by our friends’ family favorite, these little eggs cups are incredibly flavorful! A quick prep the day before allows these eggs to absorb all the flavor of the sausage and start to soak into the bread. The next morning you throw them in the oven, melting the gooey cheese into the eggs and toasting up the bread on the bottom. Oh they are so perfect! Plus you can freeze them for one of the best on the go breakfasts around.

INGREDIENTS – makes 12

1/2 lb sausage
1c kale, shredded
4-6 slices bread
3/4c cheddar, shredded
10 eggs, whisked thoroughly


Saute sausage until mostly cooked through then add kale with a small pinch of salt. Cook another minute or 2, remove from heat and allow to cool a bit.

Using a knife or cookie cutter, cut 12 circles out of the bread slices that fit in the bottom of a muffin tin. Thoroughly grease the cups of a muffin tin then press each bread circle in the bottom. Sprinkle half the cheese on top of the bread slices then distribute all of the sausage-kale mixture. Top with the rest of the cheese then slowly and gently pour the eggs over each. Cover and refrigerate overnight (minimum 4 hours).

Next morning, preheat oven to 425°F. Remove cover, place the muffin tin on a baking sheet incase anything spills and bake for 20-25 minutes.


Can throw them in the freezer too!

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