Sweet red and golden beets roasted with balsamic, rosemary and garlic are the perfect topper to this gorgeous seasonal kale salad with hearty farro, pops of pomegranate, crunchy pepitas and salty, creamy feta. This salad hits all the marks this time of year! The colors alone scream Happy Holidays!

INGREDIENTS – makes 2 servings

2 beets, 1″ dice (tennisball size, I used a golden and a red, unpeeled)
2 springs of fresh rosemary (sub 1/2t dried)
2 garlic cloves (unpeeled)
1/4t salt
1/8t pepper
1/4c balsamic vinegar
1/4c water

4c kale, chopped thin
2T olive oil
1T balsamic vinegar

1/4c balsamic vinegar
1t maple syrup or honey

2/3c cooked farro (1/3c dry simmered in 2/3c broth or water)2-3T pomegranate seeds
2-3T pomegranate seeds
2T pepitas
1/4c feta


Preheat oven to 400°F. Distribute your beets, rosemary and garlic evenly in a 8×8 baking dish. Sprinkle with salt and pepper then pour 1/4c balsamic and water over the top. Cover with foil tightly and bake for 40 minutes. Stir, coating the beets with the residual balsamic in the pan, put the foil back on and bake for another 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, dump your kale in a big bowl, drizzle with olive oil and 1T balsamic, sprinkle with a little salt and massage for a minutes or two until every last bit of kale is coated. Set aside at least 10 minutes.

Bring 1/4c balsamic and maple syrup to a simmer in a small pan or pot. Reduce by about half, 4-5 minutes. Allow to cool to room temp or throw it in the fridge for a bit.

Toss the farro in with the kale then top with the beets, pomegranate seeds, pepitas and feta.



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