Went on a river float with the hubby yesterday and the pantry and fridge were basically empty, so I whipped up this delicious, nutritious dip and it was PERFECT. Fiber + protein coming from the beans, creamy healthy fat from the avocado with a little hit of acid from the buttermilk and lemon. So balanced and the best accompaniment to a crudité platter and a little sourdough. And it only takes about 3 minutes to make!


1 1/2c cooked white beans/1 can drained – make your own here
1 avocado, seed and skin removed
1/2 lemon, juiced
2T buttermilk or whatever milk you have
2T chives, chopped


Put everything but the chives in the food processor with a pinch of salt and pepper and turn it on. Let it run for a bit, scrape down the sides then puree until smooth. Stir in chives.


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