Thin, crisp, watermelon radish slices are the star of this delicious springtime lunch! Complimented by some hummus, turkey, provolone, avocado and lettuce this was the most satisfying sandwich I’ve had in a long time. All the texture and flavor totally hits the spot!


1 bagel, sliced and lightly toasted (I used a green chili and cheese sourdough bagel)
2T avocado, mashed
2T hummus (I used a white bean miso hummus – coming soon)
5 slices of watermelon radish (traditional radishes will work too)
1-2 slices of deli turkey
1 slice of provolone (just about any sliced cheese would be good)
1c mixed greens/lettuce


Spread avocado on on half of the bagel and hummus on the other, then layer on the radish, turkey, provolone and lettuce. Put on the top and serve with some fruit for a refreshing lunch!


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