Creamy Mushroom Shallot Pasta

Have you ever made your own ricotta and then turned it into a luscious, creamy, dreamy sauce? ITS SO EASY (and cheap!). The first time Grandma Pat brought this idea into our life, I was SO skeptical that it would work but it does every time and its now an all time FAVORITE in our house. Give it a try, I bet your family will LOVE it too!


Ricotta (OR buy some, you’ll need about 1/2c):
1 1/2c whole milk
1/8t salt – optional
1T white vinegar

1/2 16oz box of pasta (I used these big elbows but anything will work)
**1/2c reserved pasta water

2 small shallots, sliced (sub with any other onion)
8 crimini mushrooms, slicedn
1/4t thyme
1 garlic clove, minced
1/4c wine, whatever your drinking – optional
1/2c reserved pasta water
2T parmesan
1/2c frozen peas

Want to add some protein? These would be great!
Rotisserie chicken
Cooked lentils (any kind but red)
White beans


Warm milk and salt on the stove until almost scalding but not boiling. Remove from heat, pour in vinegar, give it a little stir and wait a couple of minutes. You should see it curdling into ricotta. Strain with a mesh strainer and let drain for about ten minutes.

Cook pasta to package instructions, reserving 1/2c pasta water before dumping it.

Saute shallot and mushrooms in a little olive oil and a tiny pinch of salt, cook 2-3 minutes on med-high. Add thyme and garlic, stir until fragrant. Deglaze with a little wine then pour in pasta water. Stir then add pasta and toss to coat. Remove from heat, then dump your ricotta in. Toss together until the ricotta has melted and created a creamy sauce (I didn’t believe this would work the first time either, but it does and its MAGIC). Add parmesan and toss again until melted and incorporated. Finally, pour in the peas and toss until they are warmed through.


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