My Husband’s #1 weekly craving/comfort food is ALWAYS a burger. He’s exhausted and starving and just worked 9 days straight? BURGER. There are days that he leaves for work and I can even hear it in his voice as he walks out the door, I don’t have to cook tonight. But, the world is upside-down right now so we’re trying not to go out/order in and I am not a fan of ground beef. So this creates a problem for me as I am not about to make an entirely separate meal for myself.

Taking a twist on turkey burgers is the answer. Plus, its fun pulling out all the burger toppings and seeing what everyone comes up with.


1/4-1/3lb ground beef
salt and pepper
slice of chesse (we used cheddar)
tomato slices
hot sauce
stone ground mustard

1/4lb ground turkey
salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder
slice of chesse (we used cheddar)
sauerkraut (OregonBrineworks Beet Apple Kraut, use what you have)
stone ground mustard

Buns – I tried making my own and they were GLAMOROUS! Try your own here for sourdough buns or here for traditional. P.S. this King Arthur website for baking is perfection.


Shape your burgers so that the circumference is a little bit larger than the buns. Season, respectively then place in a med-high skillet. Cook for 2-3 minutes (about 1/2 cooked through) then flip top with cheese, cover with a lid and reduce the temp to medium. Cook another 2-3 minutes. Assemble with all your fixins!


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