I 100% ripped this burger idea off of what my brother, Nick had for lunch the other day. It tasted so good, he had to send me a pic and it sounded so good that I added it to this week’s meal plan. And what goes better with a burger than fries so I stuck with my Tampa theme and went with asparagus ‘fries’ because my mom has the absolute best girls night group and when they go to their favorite place, asparagus fries are a MUST.


1/2 finely chopped red onion
6 finely chopped crimini mushrooms
1/4 finely chopped green pepper
1/2t cumin
1 minced garlic clove
1T soy sauce
1.5c black beans
1T whole wheat flour

2c shredded cabbage
1 thin sliced carrot
1/2 julienned mango
1/3c greek yogurt
1 zested and juiced lime
6 dashes of chipotle tabasco (more if you can handle the heat.. I can’t..)
A little salt and pepper.


Burger: Saute onion, mushrooms, and green pepper with a really small pinch of salt. When soft, add cumin and garlic, cook until fragrant. Pour in soy sauce, stir then add beans. When the liquid is gone, turn off the heat and use a potato masher to mash the beans to your desired texture. Sprinkle flour over and stir to combine. It’ll get pretty thick. Allow it to cool to the touch and form into 4 patties. Cook for 1-2 min on each side in a skillet, add cheese (if you want) after the flip and put a lid on top to melt it.
TIP: use a soft bun and if you’re going to toast it, do so lightly. Harder bread can create a bit of a squishy mess.

Slaw: Stir to combine. The longer you let it sit the better.

This asparagus was pretty thin to I just grabbed a few, chopped of the ends and threw them on a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper and put them in the toaster oven and hit toast to about 4 minutes. Perfect.


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